Friday, July 10, 2009

A Sabbatical

It should be evident to those of you who have been following this blog that I have taken a sabbatical. Several other projects have garnered my attention, including work with the Chicago Memory Bridge Initiative and the 2009-2010 Common Reading Program at the University of Arizona. Both are related to my book on autobiographical memory, White Gloves. I hope to get back to the Saturday Morning blogs as time permits.

For those of you who are new to this blog, here are links to all the articles, in the order in which they appeared. This is the 50th, a nice round number at which to take a break.

1. "The Whole Story of the Whole Cosmos for the Whole Person"
2. Is the Bible a Story of Everything?
3. The Shortest Story of Everything

4. "Let There Be Light!" When Was That?
5. "Let There Be Darkness!" In Just One Story

6. Matter, Life, Spirit: It's the Order
7. The Trouble With Matter
8. Life: So Simple a Beginning?
9. What is Spirit?

10. Impossibly Beautiful
11. A Blog Is a Gumball

12. Pluto and the Pea
13. The Other "E" Word
14. It Slumbers

15. A Solitary Ray

16. Goldilocks Comes to Cosmology
17. The WHO Outside the Universe
18. The WHAT Outside
19. You Call This Friendly?
20. The Three Bears Return
21. N = 1
22. The Pearl of Great Price

23. Impossibly Beautiful II
24. Lilies
25. The Ornament of the World

26. The Journey
27. Reason? Or the Whole Life Experience?
28. Jesus and the New Story

29. What Happened in the Meadow
30. The Universe is the Word

31. The Pastor and the Atheist
32. The Gospel According to Evolution
33. Resurrection

34. Evening Thoughts

35. Memo to Matter
36. St. Augustine, Meet the LHC

37. So the Christian Said to the Atheist . . .
38. Tua Culpa?

39. Killing For a Story
40. Killing For the Written Word

41. More Than Any Creed
42. A Bridge to Somewhere Else
43. When Genesis is a Story

44. What's IT Got To Do With It?
45. Print IT
46. You Cannot Go Back
47. The Revelation Test

48. How a Story Found Its Soul
49. How the Story Found a Speaker
50. A Sabbatical


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